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Glasgow Tigers v Edinburgh Monarchs (League Cup)
GLASGOW 'Western Commercials' TIGERS...35

1. Kevin Wolbert 0,0,0,0 = 0
2. Dimitri Berge 2,1,6,2,1ยน = 12+1
3. Rusty Harrison 3,1,2,3,2 = 11
4. Mark Lemon EF,0,1ยน,0 = 1+1
5. Theo Pijper 0,2,3,2 = 7
6. Kasper Lykke 1,0,0,1 = 2
7. Anders Thomsen 0,1,1,0 = 2


1. Craig Cook 3,3,2,3,3 = 14
2. Aaron Fox 1,2ยน,0,1ยน = 4+2
3. Max Fricke 2,3,1,2 = 8
4. Derek Sneddon 1ยน,1,3,2ยน = 7+2
5. Sam Masters 2ยน,3,3,1 = 9+1
6. Justin Sedgmen 2ยน,2ยน,0,1ยน = 5+3
7. Steve Worral 3,3,2,3,0 = 11

Gate Wins: A:2 B:6 C:4 D:3

Trackside Updater: ChrisB

Chatzone Updater: TT

Referee: The Jam Man. Mr Hartley

Start Time: 15.00

Weather Warning: The Sun Is Out

Track: "Slick as ****." Chris expects a dustbowl

Gates: Monarchs off 1/3 Gate Pattern B

Most Exciting Rider: Dimitri Berge (a class wee rider)

Monarch Of The Match : Steve Worrall
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Heat 01
Wolbert, Berge, Cook, Fox

Result: Cook, Berge, Fox, Wolbert (58.6) 2-4 (2-4)

Berge makes the gate but is "cooked" by bend 2. Fox holds third and easily holds off "Agent" Wolbert.
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Heat 02
Lykke , Thomsen, Sedgmen, Worrall

Result: Worral, Sedgmen, Lykke, Thomsen (60.2) 1-5 (3-9)

Both Monarchs made the gate. Lykke passed Thomsen and chased after them. Thomsen coasted round last lap.
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Heat 03
Harrison, Lemon, Fricke, Sneddon

Result: Harrison, Fricke, Sneddon, Lemon (E/F) (59.8) 3-3 (6-12)

Max gates with Deek behind him. Rusty passes both by end of first lap. Lemon blew his engine at tapes. Max chases Rusty hard but the "old man" is fast today
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Heat 04
Pijper, Thomsen, Masters, Worrall

Result: Worral, Masters, Thomsen, Pijper (60) 1-5 (7-17)

Steve gates with Sam right behind. Theo misses the gate and cannot get past his teammate. Thomsen tried hard to catch the Monarchs duo but they team rode to keep him at bay.
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Heat 05
HARRISON, Lemon, Cook, Fox

Result: Cook, Fox, HARRISON, Lemon (58.7) 1-5 (8-22)

Rusty takes a TR.

Both Monarchs gated. Craig streaked ahead and Aaron held off Rusty despite being pressured on last lap. Monarch fans cheering loudly !
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Heat 06
Wolbert, Berge, Masters, Sedgmen

Result: Masters, Sedgmen, Berge, Wolbert (59.2) 1-5 (9-27)

Both Monarchs gate again. Berge pressured Sedgmen on the last lap. Agent Wolbert well behind .
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Heat 07
Pijper, Lykke , Fricke, Sneddon

Result: Fricke, Pijper, Sneddon, Lykke (59.7) 2-4 (11-31)

Both Monarchs gate but Theo passes Derek on bend 2.Theo chases after Max but he wins easily.
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Heat 08
BERGE, Thomsen, Fox, Worrall

Result: BERGE, Worral, Thomsen, Fox (59.3) 7-2 (18-33)

Berge a TR.

Berge gates just ahead of Steve. Both Monarchs settle in the minor places before Thomsen passes Aaron and then chases after Steve.

Seems Anders hit the fence after the race.
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Heat 09
Harrison, Lemon, Masters, Sedgmen

Result: Masters, Harrison, Lemon, Sedgmen (60) 3-3 (21-36)

Sam gated with both Tigers settling in the minor places. Justin looked "really slow". Sam wins by at least 40 yards ahead of Rusty.
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Heat 10
Wolbert, Berge, Fricke, Sneddon

Result: Sneddon, Berge, Fricke, Wolbert (60.6) 2-4 (23-40)

Monarchs get in a tangle as Derek "stuffs" Max and he heads towards the fence. Berge chased Deek all the way but he held on. As if Tigers fans didn't already know Chris says "Wolbert is woeful".
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Heat 11
Pijper, Lykke , Cook, Fox

Result: Pijper, Cook, Fox, Lykke (59.8) 3-3 (26-43)

Theo gates with Aaron second. Cookie goes by and then chases after Theo. Tigers fans going wild as Theo wins comfortably. .
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Heat 12
Harrison, Thomsen, Fricke, Sedgmen

Result: Harrison, Fricke, Sedgmen, Thomsen (60.1) 3-3 (29-46)

Rusty gates and Max is all over him "like a rash" for all 4 laps. Sedgmen easily secures third with the fourth placed Thomsen described as "boggin".
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Heat 13
Wolbert, Pijper, Cook, Masters

Result: Cook, Pijper, Masters, Wolbert (60.6) 2-4 (31-50)

Cookie gates but Sam misses it totally. However he manages to pass Wolbert out of bend two. Cookie wins easily.

I hereby promote Wolbert to Special Agent status following his four ride minimum.
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Heat 14
Lemon, Lykke , Sneddon, Worrall

Result: Worral, Sneddon, Lykke, Lemon (61) 1-5 (32-55)

Monarchs gate on a 5-1 and that's the way it stays despite Kasper trying really hard on last lap.

The PA system is now playing "Help" by the Beatles.
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Heat 15
Berge, Harrison, Worral, Cook

Result: Cook, Harrison, Berge, Worral (0) 3-3 (35-58)

Monarchs off 1/3 (as if anyone really cares now)

Berge gates but leads for all of 10 yards as Cookie goes past. Harrison moves into second but Cookie wins with ease
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