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1. Craig Cook 3,2ยน,3,3,2ยน = 13+2
2. Justin Sedgmen 2ยน,1,3,2,2ยน = 10+2
3. Max Fricke 3,1,2,3,3 = 12
4. Stevie Worrall R/R (JS-1, AF-0, AF-1+1, MF-3 = 5+1)
5. Sam Masters 2,3,2,1,3 = 11
6. Aaron Fox 2,0,2ยน,1ยน,0,1,Ex = 6+2
7. Joe Jacobs (G) 0,0,0 = 0

IPSWICH 'Sackers' WITCHES...38

1. Rohan Tungate 0,2ยน,1,0 = 3+1
2. Cameron Heeps 1,2,3,3,3,0 = 12
3. Morten Risager 0,0,N,N = 0
4. Gino Manzares R/R (CH-2, RW-1, AE-1, RH-1+1 = 5+1)
5. Richie Worrall 3,1,1,3,2,1 = 11
6. Ritchie Hawkins (c) 1,0,0,0,2,1ยน = 4+1
7. Adam Ellis 3,1,1,1,2 = 8

Gate Wins: A:3 B:3 C:6 D:3

Trackside Updater: Midnight_Lady

Chatzone Updater: Dekk

Referee: Jim McGregor

Start Time: 7.30pm

Weather: Cool

Track: Looks fine

Gates: Monarchs win toss take 1/3 in heat 1.

Monarch Of The Match: Cookie

Most Exciting Rider: Cameron Heeps
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Heat 01
Cook, Sedgmen, Tungate, Heeps

Result: Cook, Sedgmen, Heeps, Tungate (55.6) 5-1 (5-1)

Heeps makes the gate, Cookie hard under Heeps bend 3 lap 1, Sedgie past bend 2 lap 2
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Heat 02
Fox, Jacobs, Ellis, Hawkins

Result: Ellis, Fox, Hawkins, Jacobs (57.7) 2-4 (7-5)

Aaron gated but Ellis was past by end of lap 1.
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Heat 03
Fricke, SEDGEMAN R/R, Risager, HEEPS R/R

Result: Fricke, Heeps, Sedgmen, Risager (56.1) 4-2 (11-7)

Justin is R/R & Heeps is R/R.

Great race by the first 3. Max had to fend off Heeps for 2 laps until Justin put pressure on Heeps right down to the wire.
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Heat 04
Masters, Jacobs, R Worrall, Ellis

Result: Worrall, Masters, Ellis, Jacobs (56.6) 2-4 (13-11)

Great gte by Ellis but he messed up bend 2 just as Sam was trying to go around him which allowed Worrall, Sam and Jacobs past. Worrall got the lead and Ellis passed Jacobs lap 2.
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Heat 05
Fricke, FOX R/R, Tungate, Heeps

Result: Heeps, Tungate, Fricke, Fox (56.3) 1-5 (14-16)

Aaron is R/R

Good gate from Heeps with Tungate 2nd with Max in 3rd not able to land a telling blow.
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Heat 06
Cook, Sedgmen, R Worrall, Hawkins

Result: Sedgmen, Cook, Worrall, Hawkins (56.3) 5-1 (19-17)

Hard fought first bend with Cookie and Worrall trading elbows but easy after that.
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Heat 07
Masters, Fox, Risager, WORRELL R/R

Result: Masters, Fox, Worrall, Risager (56.9) 5-1 (24-18)

R.Worrell is R/R

Sam made no mistake this time from the gate, while Aaron passed Worrall down the back straight lap 1 and then spent the remaining race fending off Worrall.
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Heat 08
Sedgmen, Jacobs, Heeps, Ellis

Result: Heeps, Sedgmen, Ellis, Jacobs (56.8) 2-4 (26-22)

Another great race by Heeps who gated only to be passed by Justin at end of lap 1 but Heeps chased Justin all the way and with a big sweep around the last bend Heeps got it on the line.
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Heat 09
Fricke, FOX R/R, R Worrall, Hawkins

Result: Worrall, Fricke, Fox, Hawkins (56.9) 3-3 (29-25)

Aaron is the R/R.

Worrall gated but Max never really had a shot at him. Hawkins fell but remounted bend 3 lap 1.
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Heat 10

Result: Cook, Sedgmen, Ellis, Hawkins (55.9) 5-1 (34-26)

Hawkins for Risager, Ellis for Gino, Risager has been taken ill and withdrawn from meeting.

Ellis gated but was engulfed by the Monarchs by end of the back straight.
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Heat 11
Masters, Fox, Tungate, Heeps

Result: Heeps, Masters, Tungate, Fox (57.1) 2-4 (36-30)

Great gate again by Heeps easy after that.
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Heat 12
Fricke, Sneddon, Risager, Hawkins

Result: Fricke, Hawkins, Fox, Risager (NS) (57.8) 4-2 (40-32)

3 Riders only - no replacement for the sick Risager.


Edinburgh win the KO Cup.
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Heat 13
Cook, Masters, Tungate, R Worrall

Result: Cook, Worrall, Masters, Tungate (56.6) 4-2 (44-34)

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Heat 14

Result: Fricke, Ellis, Hawkins, Fox (Excl.) (57.7) 3-3 (47-37)

Fricke & Hawkins take the R/R.

Max wins but Aaron is excluded as his bike came to a sudden halt on the last bend leaving Hawkins nowhere to go.
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Heat 15
Masters, Cook, Heeps, Worrall

Result: Masters, Cook, Worrall, Heeps (58) 5-1 (52-38)

Sam quickest off the mark, Cookie had to fend off Worrall for the first lap but then was gone.
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