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EDINBURGH 'Parsons Peebles' MONARCHS...49

1. Sam Masters (c) 2,3,3,2ยน,3 = 13+1
2. Theo Pijper 0,1,3,Ret = 4
3. Ricky Wells 1,3,3,2ยน = 9+1
4. Max Clegg 0,2ยน,0,2 = 4+1
5. Erik Riss 2,3,3,3,FX = 11
6. Josh Pickering 0,0,0,3,1ยน = 4+1
7. Mitchell Davey 3,1ยน,0 = 4+1

NEWCASTLE 'Sapphire Engineering' DIAMONDS...41

1. Robert Lambert 3,0,2,1,2 = 8
2. Ashley Morris 1,1,2,1ยน = 5+1
3. Lewis Rose 2ยน,1ยน,2,FX = 5+2
4. Ludvig Lindgren (c) 3,2,1ยน,3,1ยน = 10+2
5. Richie Worrall (G) 3,2,2,0 = 7
6. Ben Hopwood 2,0,1ยน,1 = 4+1
7. Alfie Bowtell 1ยน,0,1ยน,0 = 2+2

Gate Wins: A:3 B:3 C:1 D:8

Trackside Updater: King Jamie

Chatzone Updater: TT

Start time: 7.30 pm

Referee: Mick Bates

Weather: Its spitting

Track: Slightly wet and brown.

Gates: No Parade. Monarchs take 1 & 3 (Pattern A)

Monarch of the Match: Sam.
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Heat 01
Masters, Pijper, Lambert, Morris

Result: Lambert, Masters, Morris, Pijper (55.7) 2-4 (2-4)

Heat to be rerun with all 4 riders. Lambert warned by ref for moving.

Rerun - Brilliant first lap from Lambert, keeping Masters at bay. Pijper mistake early doors and Morris dances past.
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Heat 02
Pickering, Davey, Hopwood, Bowtell

Result: Davey, Hopwood, Bowtell, Pickering (57.2) 3-3 (5-7)

Another rerun as Josh makes the tapes go bosh and will start from 15 metres back.

Rerun - Diamonds pair racing each other for first two laps and Josh nips through on lap2 bend 4. Chasing Hopwood he slides off on lap 4 bend 3. "Silly boy" says KJ.
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Heat 03
Wells, Clegg, Rose, Lindgren

Result: Lindgren, Rose, Wells, Clegg (56) 1-5 (6-12)

Diamonds ftg and easy. Quite pathetic from the Kiwi moans KJ.
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Heat 04
Riss, Davey, Worrall, Bowtell

Result: Worrall, Riss, Davey, Bowtell (55.7) 3-3 (9-15)

"Weegie" Worrall dodges both the soap and the Monarchs pair to win comfortably.
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Heat 05
Wells, Clegg, Lambert, Morris

Result: Wells, Clegg, Morris, Lambert (58.2) 5-1 (14-16)

Lambert ftg before stopping on bends 3/4 of lap 1 and getting in Max's way. The Kiwi comes through and its a straight forward 5-1 from there. Lambert got going again after reattaching his cut-out.
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Heat 06
Masters, Pijper, Worrall, Hopwood

Result: Masters, Worrall, Pijper, Hopwood (56) 4-2 (18-18)


Its something that rhymes with Erik Riss ing down at the moment.
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Heat 07
Riss, Pickering, Rose, Lindgren

Result: Riss, Lindgren, Rose, Pickering (56.8) 3-3 (21-21)

FTG as Erik drops his sunlounger and heads off into the distance. Fredrik's bruv close for about 2 laps.
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Heat 08
Pijper, Davey, Morris, Bowtell

Result: Pijper, Morris, Bowtell, Davey (58.9) 3-3 (24-24)

FTG with a few weird shapes early doors as the riders struggled with the wet track.
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Heat 09
Wells, Clegg, Worrall, Hopwood

Result: Wells, Worrall, Hopwood, Clegg (57.1) 3-3 (27-27)

FTG until Max and Big Ben decided to go passing and repassing each other.

Rain easing slightly now.
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Heat 10
Masters, Pijper, Rose, Lindgren

Result: Masters, Rose, Lindgren, Pijper (Ret) (57.9) 3-3 (30-30)

Theo limps from the start but its Sam to the rescue as he flies round both Diamonds on the first bend.

Very apt during Wimbledon fortnight its 30 all.
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Heat 11
Riss, Pickering, Lambert, Morris

Result: Riss, Lambert, Morris, Pickering (56.9) 3-3 (33-33)

Erik FTG but all the action was behind him.
Lambert at the back went round Josh on Lap2 Bend 2 but kept getting squeezed by Morris allowing Josh to come back at him twice. Lambert somehow found space to fire round Morris on the last bend to pick up second.

KJ not sure how he stayed up. A skilled nutter!!.
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Heat 12
Wells, Pickering, Rose, Hopwood

Result: Pickering, Wells, Hopwood, Rose (F/x) (58.9) 5-1 (38-34)

Josh replaces Mitchell. Race to be rerun without Rose.
Josh gates but Rose mucks up the apex of bends 1/2 and Hopwood clips him on the way to the air fence. Both Diamonds falling. Rose excluded.

Both Diamonds now up after a few minutes on ground. The bad news is that Lewis Rose has a possible collarbone injury and Ben Hopwood has pain in his wrist. Best wishes to both riders.

Its now raining again !

Delay while we await the arrival of the "real" ambulance.

KJ senses an abandonment.

Update at 21.20. Rain easing and racing to recommence in 10-15 minutes.

A few solo laps by the tractor and here come the track staff.

Rerun - FTG and comfy.
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Heat 13
Masters, Riss, Lambert, Worrall

Result: Riss, Masters, Lambert, Worrall (57.5) 5-1 (43-35)

Erik moved and is warned. He and Weegie Worrall were having an interesting gardening contest before the race.

Rerun - Erik twitched again but got away with it. Lambert kept Masters honest but Sam was on the faster outside line.
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Heat 14
Clegg, Pickering, Lindgren, Bowtell

Result: Lindgren, Clegg, Pickering, Bowtell (57.5) 3-3 (46-38)

Max from the gate before Fredrik's bruv decided to Nick Clegg's line on the first bend. Josh easy third. Win sealed for Monarchs..
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Heat 15
Masters, Riss, Lindgren, Lambert

Result: Masters, Lambert, Lindgren, Riss (F/x) (57.4) 3-3 (49-41)

Diamonds take 2 & 4 .

Yet more drama. Diamonds on a 5-1 when Erik chucks his sunlounger into the air fence on bend 4 and is excluded. He gets up straight away and on goes the two minutes. Should have stayed down until the 10pm curfew. Silly boy says KJ.

Rerun - Sam FTG. Fredrik's bruv had a hissy fit on the start line, not happy with Sam's gate position. He spent the last three laps giving gestures to the crowd and Jim Syme (the start marshall) He then goes back for another chat after the race. "Absolute twat" says KJ.

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