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SHEFFIELD 'Window Centre' TIGERS...46

1. Lasse Bjerre (G) 1,2,2,0 = 5
2. Ty Proctor R/R (AB-3, AS-1+1, AC-3, JG-0 = 7+1)
3. Ashley Birks 3,Ret,3,2,3,1 = 12
4. Jason Garrity 3,TX,1┬╣,0,2 = 6+1
5. Andre Compton (c) 2,2,3,2,3,FX = 12
6. Josh Bates 3,0,0,1┬╣,1┬╣ = 5+2
7. Arthur Sissis 2┬╣,1┬╣,1┬╣,2┬╣,0 = 6+4

EDINBURGH 'Border Roofing' MONARCHS...44

1. Sam Masters 2,2,3,1┬╣ = 8+1
2. Erik Riss 0,1┬╣,1,0 = 2+1
3. Kevin W├Âlbert 1┬╣,3,3,1┬╣,2┬╣ = 10+3
4. Justin Sedgmen 2,1,1,3 = 7
5. Craig Cook (c) 3,3,3,2,3 = 14
6. Max Clegg 1,0,0 = 1
7. Rob Branford 0,0,0,2,Ret = 2

Gate Wins: A:6 B:5 C:1 D:3

Trackside Updater: smc_666

Chatzone Updater: ML

Referee: Dave Watters

Start Time: 7.30pm

Weather: Good

Track: Looks great

Gates: Monarchs win toss and take 2 & 4 in Heat 1.

Monarch Of The Match: Kevin W├Âlbert

Most Exciting Rider: Andre Compton
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Heat 01
Bjerre, R/R BIRKS, Masters, Riss

Result: Birks, Masters, Bjerre, Riss (61.1) 4-2 (4-2)

Birks takes the R/R.

Tigers fly from tapes and look on for an easy 5-1. Masters wakes up on the back straight and goes high in to turn 4 picks off Bjerre and Birks but leaves a gap and Birks round Sam on turn 2. Bjerre chases Masters hard but no joy. Riss a spectator.
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Heat 02
Bates, Sissis, Clegg, Branford

Result: Bates, Sissis, Clegg, Branford (61.1) 5-1 (9-3)

From the gate. Men against boys. Monarchs pairing miles off the pace.
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Heat 03
Birks, Garrity, W├Âlbert, Sedgmen

Result: Garrity, Sedgmen, W├Âlbert, Birks (Ret) (61.1) 3-3 (12-6)

Sheffield gare again but Wolbert snatches second down the back straight and Sedgy comes through past Birks. Wolbert then gets in a fankle bend 2 lap 2 rescues it well and holds off Birks until Birks' engine gave up.
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Heat 04
Compton, Sissis, Cook, Branford

Result: Cook, Compton, Sissis, Branford (0) 3-3 (15-9)

Ready steady Cook makes a meal of the gate but runs super wide and round the lot and he is gone. Tigers team rode well. Branford never got a look in.
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Heat 05
Birks, Garrity, Masters, Riss

Result: Birks, Masters, Riss, Bates (61.2) 3-3 (18-12)

Garrity blasts through the tapes. Much debate from folk behind updater as to whether he touched the tapes. New knicker elastic being sought.

Garrity off 15 m.

Change of plan as Bates replaces Garrity.

Rerun:Monarchs didn't gate again but Riss reeled in Bates for third and looked comfy. Race spread out until last lap when Bates nearly caught Riss on the line.
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Heat 06
Bjerre, R/R SISSIS, Cook, Clegg

Result: Cook, Bjerre, Sissis, Clegg (61.0) 3-3 (21-15)

Sissis takes the R/R.

Cook found his gating gloves and jets off in to the sunset. Bjerre not offering a lot but rode well with Sissis to keep Clegg well at the back.
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Heat 07
Compton, Bates, W├Âlbert, Sedgmen

Result: W├Âlbert, Compton, Sedgmen, Bates (61.6) 2-4 (23-19)

The Kaiser gates hotly followed by Compton. It was all going on and Sedgy gets relagated to the back. Sedgy the "dings off a rip tab" and weighs up for a lap and a half before rounding the Tigers pair bend 2 lap 3 cool as you like. But Compton ain't done and dive bombs Sedgy on bend 4 lap 4 for the run to the line getting it ahead of Sedgy. Fantastic heat of speedway.
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Heat 08
R/R COMPTON, Sissis, Riss, Branford

Result: Compton, Sissis, Riss, Branford (62.7) 5-1 (28-20)

Compton takes the R/R.

Riss gated and looked good until Branford stopped his charge by getting in the way and Sheffield are off. Oh dear updater not happy with Branford racing his team mate and thwarting Riss. Too easy for Sheffield.
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Heat 09
Birks, Garrity, Cook, Clegg

Result: Cook, Birks, Garrity, Clegg (61) 3-3 (31-23)

FTG...boring lol Sheffield pair did try to entertain by racing each other. Clegg well back.
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Heat 10
Bjerre, R/R GARRITY, W├Âlbert, Sedgmen

Result: W├Âlbert, Bjerre, Sedgmen, Garrity (61.2) 2-4 (33-27)

Garrity takes the R/R.

Cracking heat. Monarchs gate with Bjerre realing in Sedgmen and it's hammer and tongs for four laps with Wolbert showboating at the front.
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Heat 11
Compton, Bates, Masters, Riss

Result: Masters, Compton, Bates, Riss (62.5) 3-3 (36-30)

Trouble at mill on bend 1 as Masters clatters Riss when on a 5-1. Riss hung on like a hero thank god for the bouncy castle. Masters off and well spaced out.
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Heat 12
Birks, Sissis, W├Âlbert, RES BRANFORD

Result: Birks, Branford, W├Âlbert, Sissis (62.7) 3-3 (39-33)

Branford replaces Clegg.

Birks gets the launch and Monarchs miss the gate but pass Sissis on the back straight. Referee dropped the ball as the Sheffield pair went from the wrong gates!!


Updater away to get some plastic cups for his "beveridge". He say Owlerton has the best plastic cups in the league. He knows we only have silver ones at Armadale but they do make the beer taste a bit funny LOL!
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Heat 13
Bjerre, Compton, Masters, Cook

Result: Compton, Cook, Masters, Bjerre (61.2) 3-3 (42-36)

Cracking heat. Monarchs pair gate but Compton finds a gap between them and powers through. Masters let's Cook through and it's battle royale for the next four laps with a competition of who can go wider...Compton wins. Bjerre tailed off and an easy third for Sam.
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Heat 14
Garrity, Bates, Sedgmen, Branford

Result: Sedgmen, Garrity, Bates, Branford (Ret) (62.6) 3-3 (45-39)

Sedgy gates well but the rest are in touch. Branford looks competitive and him and Bates have a good battle until Bates turns right on him and causes him to stop! Sedgy never troubled.
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Heat 15
Birks, Compton, Cook, W├Âlbert,

Result: Cook, W├Âlbert, Birks, Compton (F/x) (62.2) 1-5 (46-44)

Sheffield take 2 and 4.

Race stopped horror smash for Compton. Sheffield Pair weave in and out of Monarchs pairing racing each other in to turn 3. Birks baulked and recovered but Andre hammers in to the fence because of it and pops the air bag. Andre has had his shredded wheat and thankfully walks back to the pits but is excluded.

Rerun:Monarchs from the gate.
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