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Edinburgh Monarchs v Berwick Bandits (KO) 25/7/14


1. Craig Cook 3,2ยน,3,2ยน,2ยน = 12+3
2. Justin Sedgmen 2ยน,3,3,1 = 9+1
3. Max Fricke 2,2ยน,3,3 = 10+1
4. Steve Worrall 1ยน,3,2ยน,3 = 9+2
5. Sam Masters 2ยน,3,3,3,3 = 14+1
6. Aaron Fox 3,3,Ret,1,1 = 8
7. Derek Sneddon (c) 2ยน,MX,1,2ยน = 5+2

BERWICK 'New Holland Agriculture' BANDITS...23

1. Rusty Harrison (G) 1,1,2,0 = 4
2. David Bellego 0,FX,2,0 = 2
3. Steen Jensen 3,2,2,FX,0 = 7
4. Matthew Wethers (c) 0,1ยน,0,2 = 3+1
5. Kevin Doolan FX,1,1,1,1 = 4
6. Liam Carr 1,1,0,0,1 = 3
7. Nathan Greaves (G) Ret,MX,0,0 = 0

Gate Wins: A:3 B:3 C:3 D:6

Trackside Updater: Andrew Pennycook

Chatzone Updater: TT

Referee: Stuart Wilson

Start Time: 7.30pm

Weather: Warm

Track: Looks perfect for racing.

Gates: Monarchs win toss and take gates 1/3.

Monarch Of The Match: Sam

Most Exciting Rider : Aaron
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Heat 01
Cook, Sedgmen, Harrison, Bellego

Result: Cook, Sedgmen, Harrison, Bellego (55.6) 5-1 (5-1)

Monarchs gated with Sedgmen ahead. Cookie passed him at start of second lap and that was that. Both Bandits out of touch.
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Heat 02
Fox, Sneddon, Carr, Greaves

Result: Fox, Sneddon, Carr, Greaves (Ret) (56.2) 5-1 (10-2)

Fox way clear at front. Deek held off a challenge from Carr. Greaves packed up on lap 3.
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Heat 03
Fricke, Worrall, Jensen, Wethers

Result: Jensen, Fricke, Worrall, Wethers (56.4) 3-3 (13-5)

Jensen gated with Max on his tail. Race was two battles in one. Max and Jensen at front and Steve and Matthew at back.
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Heat 04
Masters, Sneddon, Doolan, Greaves

Result: Fox, Masters, Carr, Doolan (F/x) (AWD) 5-1 (18-6)

Riders in blue and yellow excluded under 2 mins. Both were near the tapes but not ready to race as they were indulging in some gardening.

Fox replaces Deek. Carr replaces Greaves.

An even break with Fox leading out of second bend. Close racing between Sam and Doolan until lap 3 bend 4 when Sam dives under Doolan causing Doolan to "slide off". Carr out of touch at back but gets a point when race awarded.
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Heat 05
Fricke, Worrall, Harrison, Bellego

Result: Worrall, Fricke, Harrison, Bellego (F/x) (55.9) 5-1 (23-7)

Race stopped and Bellego excluded after the Frenchman slid off on the fourth bend of lap 1. Rerun with 3 riders.

Rerun - Both Monarchs gate with Rusty close for first two laps until he locks up on bend 1 of lap 3. Smugness levels increasing after each heat at the Dale.
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Heat 06
Cook, Sedgmen, Doolan, Carr

Result: Sedgmen, Cook, Doolan, Carr (55.7) 5-1 (28-8)

Both Monarchs gate with Cookie protecting Justin from Doolan. Carr never in with a shout and Doolan unable to land a blow on Cookie.
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Heat 07
Masters, Fox, Jensen, Wethers

Result: Masters, Jensen, Wethers, Fox (Ret) (56) 3-3 (31-11)

Aaron gated but was shoved to the back retiring at end of first lap. Sam in charge throughout with Jensen way ahead of former Monarch Wethers.

Break for track watering now.
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Heat 08
Sedgmen, Sneddon, Bellego, Greaves

Result: Sedgmen, Bellego, Sneddon, Greaves (56.6) 4-2 (35-13)

Heat 8 stopped after a crash on the first bend. Deek goes down after Bellego cut across him forcing Deek to "high side". Deek receiving treatment. All 4 back for rerun.

Good news. Deek is up and "gingerly" walking back to pits.

Rerun - Justin gates with Bellego on his tail. Deek survives a brief battle from Greaves for third place on lap 3.
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Heat 09
Fricke, Worrall, Doolan, Carr

Result: Fricke, Worrall, Doolan, Carr (56.5) 5-1 (40-14)

Monarchs gate with Doolan chasing Steve hard but getting nowhere. Carr out of it at the back once again.

Delay now whilst the draw for the Scottish Open takes place.
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Heat 10
Cook, Sedgmen, Jensen, Wethers

Result: Cook, Jensen, Sedgmen, Wethers (56) 4-2 (44-16)

Best race of the night so far. Cookie and Jensen gate with Jensen edging ahead until be bucked on second bend of lap 2 allowing Cookie to pass him and pull away into the distance.
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Heat 11
Masters, Fox, Harrison, Bellego

Result: Masters, Harrison, Fox, Bellego (56.7) 4-2 (48-18)

Sam and Rusty gate and are level coming out of bend 2. Sam then pulls ahead with Rusty chasing hard until he hits the fence on the exit of bend 2 on lap 3. Aaron is not close enough to take advantage as Rusty recovers to stay in second. Bellego sleeping at the gate and way off the pace..
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Heat 12
Fricke, Sneddon, Jensen, Carr

Result: Fricke, Sneddon, Carr, Jensen (F/x) (57.5) 5-1 (53-19)

To be rerun without Steen Jensen. Monarchs gate with Deek shoving Jensen wide on first two bends. Jensen then takes far too much speed into bend 3 and slides off.

Rerun - Max way out in front. Carr way off the pace. Monarchs in the semi final.
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Heat 13
Cook, Masters, Harrison, Doolan

Result: Masters, Cook, Doolan, Harrison (57) 5-1 (58-20)

Sam leads with Cookie slotting in behind him. Both Monarchs pull wheelies on way to line and Andrew reckons it was close to being a dead heat.
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Heat 14
Worrall, Fox, Wethers, Greaves

Result: Worrall, Wethers, Fox, Greaves (57.8) 4-2 (62-22)

Major excitement at startline in Ht14. Matty arrives at tapes with wrong helmet colour on (the sarcastic updater questions whether it was red or blue :p )

When race starts both Monarchs gate but Matty passes Aaron on second bend. Steve held on comfortably and Aaron sat in third.
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Heat 15
Cook, Masters, Doolan, Jensen

Result: Masters, Cook, Doolan, Jensen (56.7) 5-1 (67-23)

Bandits choose gates 1 and 3.

Monarchs electric from the gate with Sam leading and Cookie defending. Bandits were nowhere with Monarchs cruising to another 5-1.

Big thank you to Andrew for making his texting debut this evening.

The good news is that he made an excellent job of things. The bad news however is that ML and co will ask him to do it again sometime in the future :p
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