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Newcastle Diamonds v Edinburgh Monarchs (PL) 17/8/14

1. Danny King 2,1',2', FX = 5+2
2. Lewis Rose 0,2,2,3 = 7
3. Stuart Robson (c) 3,2,2',2 = 9+1
4. Lewis Kerr 2',1'3,3 = 9+2
5. Ludvig Lindgren FX,3,0,1 = 4
6. Simon Nielsen 2,0,1,1',2' = 6+2
7. Chris Mills 1',1,0 = 2+1


1. Craig Cook 3,3,3,3 = 12
2. Justin Sedgmen 1,0,3,2' = 6+1
3. Max Fricke 1,2,0,3 = 6
4. Stevie Worrall 0,1',1,1 = 3+1
5. Sam Masters 3,3,1,2' = 9+1
6. Ben Hopwood (G) 0,0,0 = 0
7. Derek Sneddon (c) 3,2',1,0,EX = 6+1

Trackside Updater: chopper

Chatzone Updater: ML

Referee: Willie Dishington

Start Time: 7pm

Weather: Cold and rain around.

Track: Very wet

Gates: Newcastle win toss and take 1 and 3 in heat 1.

Monarch Of The Match:

Most Exciting Rider:
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Heat 01
King, Rose, Cook, Sedgmen

Result: Cook, King, Sedgmen, Rose (64.1) 2-4 (2-4)

Very untidy first two corners. Track is very wet. Cookie away well. Rose well back.
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Heat 02
Nielsen, Mills, Hopwood, Sneddon

Result: Sneddon, Nielsen, Mills, Hopwood (66.4) 3-3 (5-7)

Great gate from Deek but all 4 struggled in the wet conditions. Very slow and Deek like a road block at times.

Apparently the regular water bowser blew up and they had to use a bigger one which has put too much water down.
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Heat 03
Robson, Kerr, Fricke, Worrall

Result: Robson, Kerr, Fricke, Worrall (65) 5-1 (10-8)

Max gated but locked up on first turn allowing both Diamonds past. All struggling again and just hugging the kerb.
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Heat 04
Lindgren, Mills, Masters, Sneddon

Result: Masters, Sneddon, Mills, Lindgren (F/x) (64,8) 1-5 (11-13)

Heat 4 stopped Mills down turn 2 and Lindgren down turn 3. Lindgren excluded.

Mills was going to pull off track when he saw Ludvig go down. Some Monarchs fans not happy. Lindgren is only just up now. Sam had given him a big elbow on run to first turn allowing Deek through. But Lindgren passed Deek down the back straight and in trying to go around Sam did a 360.

19.20: Track grading before rerun due to conditions.

19.25: Blade out on track now so might be a while.

1935: Rerun: Mills left standing at the gate but he caught up with Deek then fell as Deek locked up a bit on terrible bend 2. Mills remounted for a point.
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Heat 05
Robson, Kerr, Cook, Sedgmen

Result: Cook, Robson, Kerr, Sedgmen (62.5) 3-3 (14-16)

Robbo and Cookie competed well to the first turn with Craig powering round the outside. He then disappeared. Justin last by a distance.
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Heat 06
King, Rose, Masters, Hopwood

Result: Masters, Rose, King, Hopwood (63.8) 3-3 (17-19)

Sam strong out the gate again. Ben fell but remounted on lap 2. The Danny fell on lap 4 but had enough time to get up and going again before Ben came round.
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Heat 07
Lindgren, Nielsen, Fricke, Worrall

Result: Lindgren, Fricke, Worrall, Nielsen (64.7) 3-3 (20-22)

Closer race but still ftg and riders still struggling.

Grading and blading again.
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Heat 08
Rose, Mills, Sedgmen, Sneddon

Result: Sedgmen, Rose, Sneddon, Mills (64.7) 2-4 (22-26)

Race stopped Mills got a flier and is warned. All4back.

Rerun: FTG Mills fell but remounted at the back on lap 2 but did not finish.
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Heat 09
Robson, Kerr, Masters, Hopwood

Result: Kerr, Robson, Masters, Hopwood (64.3) 5-1 (27-27)

Sam tried like a bear and nearly got second on the line.
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Heat 10
King, Rose, Fricke, Worrall

Result: Rose, King, Worrall, Fricke (64.9) 5-1 (32-28)

A race at last! Monarchs made a good gate but Danny made a great cut back to join Rose at the front. Team rode the slower rider but Stevie forced his way past him on turn 2 last lap but Danny was quick enough to go back round him off the final turn. Good effort from Stevie.
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Heat 11
Lindgren, Nielsen, Cook, Sedgmen

Result: Cook, Sedgmen, Nielsen, Lindgren (63.6) 1-5 (33-33)

Cookie made a great gate. Justin missed it but made the same great cut back that King had done in previous race to go from last to second.

Track grading again.
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Heat 12

Result: Fricke, Robson, Nielsen, Sneddon (63.8) 3-3 (36-36)

Nielsen replaces Mills whilst Sneddon replaces Hopwood.

FTG. Deek very close on last lap.

Started raining!
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Heat 13
King, Lindgren, Cook, Masters

Result: Cook, Masters, Lindgren, King (FX) (68.2) 5-1 (37-41)

Race stopped. Danny fell on turn 3 lap 1 and is excluded. Cookie right behind got it down but couldn't avoid him. Both up and appear okay. It was a great gate by King but Cookie looked fast and it could have been a great race.

Rerun: FTG very greasy and wet now. Riders almost at walking pace by the end of the race.
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Heat 14
Kerr, Nielsen, Worrall, Sneddon

Result: Kerr, Nielsen, Worrall, Sneddon (EX) (71.1) 5-1 (42-42)

Race stopped. Nielsen down and Deek is excluded. Riders were just coasting down the back straight. Deek went past Nielsen on lap 3 then stopped right in front of him. Race to be rerun but should have been awarded as Stevie was well clear.

Nielsen up and seems okay.

Rerun: Race stopped again after Stevie gets a flier and is warned by the referee. Unhappy fans!

Rerun: Kerr went round Stevie on first bend but Stevie fell going in to 3rd bend. He remounted to get the point. Both Diamonds really coasting by then as you can see from the time!

Track grading again. Rain has stopped.

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Heat 15
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