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EDINBURGH 'Border Roofing' MONARCHS...58 (99)

1. Craig Cook 3,2¹,F,2¹,2¹ = 9+3
2. Justin Sedgmen 0,3,3,3 = 9
3. Kevin Wolbert 3,1¹,3,3,3 = 13+1
4. Erik Riss 1,2,FX,3 = 6
5. Sam Masters 3,3,3,3 = 12
6. Max Clegg 3,2¹,1,1,1 = 8+1
7. Liam Carr (G) 0,0,1 = 1

GLASGOW 'Allied Vehicles' TIGERS...32 (80)

1. Richard Lawson 2,3,1¹,2,1,1 = 10+1
2. Theo Pijper (G) 1¹,0,0,F,EF = 1+1
3. Aaron Summers R/R (TP-0, RL-1+1, HS-2, NM-2 = 5+1)
4. Nick Morris 2,2,1¹,2,2,0 = 9+1
5. Victor Palovaara 1,FX,1¹ = 2+1
6. Hynek Stichauer 2,1,2,0 = 5
7. James Sarjeant 1¹,0,2,2,F,F = 5+1
8. Ryan Mcdonald =

Gate Wins: A:2 B:3 C:6 D:3

Stadium filling up nicely but think some Weegies have stayed away.

Aaron walking round the track to a nice applause from Monarchs fans.

Trackside Updater: ML

Chatzone Updater: Rach

Referee: Dave Robinson

Start Time: 7.00pm

Weather: Cold but dry

Track: Slighty damp

Gates: Edinburgh win toss and take 1 and 3

Monarch Of The Match: Max Clegg & Sam Masters
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Heat 01
Cook, Sedgmen, Lawson, Pijper

Result: Cook , Lawson, Pijper, Sedgmen (54.2) 3-3 (3-3)

Tigers gated but Cook came under Pijper bend 2 lap 1 and inside Lawson bend 4 lap 1.
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Heat 02
Clegg, Carr, Stichauer, Sarjeant

Result: Clegg, Stichauer, Sarjeant, Carr (57.2) 3-3 (6-6)

Max made a great start as did Liam. Liam couldn't hold on to it and got caught by Stichauer bend 2 and Sarjeant came through on the next lap but Liam had done enough to keep them at bay.
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Heat 03
Wolbert, Riss, R/R Summers, Morris

Result: Wolbert, Morris, Riss, Pijper (55.5) 4-2 (10-8)

Pijper takes r/r.Monarchs gated, Erik got in a fankle bend 2 lap 1 allowing Morris to catch him. Pijper challenged for 3 laps.
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Heat 04
Masters, RES CLEGG, Palovaara, Sarjeant

Result: Masters, Clegg, Palovaara, Sarjeant (55.1) 5-1 (15-9)

Max replaces Carr. Masters gated and to ML's surprise Max joined him and stayed with him and rode a great race.

** Border Roofing Monarch of the year is Max Clegg and he gets £1000.

Eddie McKenna also presents Max with a cheque to buy a new bike (Well Done Eddie) **
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Heat 05
Wolbert, Riss, Lawson, Pijper

Result: Lawson, Riss, Wolbert, Pijper (55.7) 3-3 (18-12)

Monarchs appeared to gate but Lawson swept round the outside bend 2 lap 1 and that was that.
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Heat 06
Cook, Sedgmen, Palovaara, Stichauer

Result (Re-Run): Sedgmen, Cook , Stichauer, Palovaara (F/x) (55.9) 5-1 (23-13)

Palovaara fell bend 2 lap 1 and is excluded from the re-run. Monarchs were on a 5-1. He is up and back in the pits.
Re-run Sedgy made the gate along with Stichauer but Cookie took a few laps to get past him and he took him up the inside bend 4.
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Heat 07
Masters, RES CARR, R/R Lawson, Morris

Result: Masters, Morris, Lawson, Carr (56) 3-3 (26-16)

Lawson takes r/r and Carr replace Clegg. Glasgow gated but Masters got by Lawson then brought the house down with a fabulous overtake on Morris a few laps later.
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Heat 08
Sedgmen, Carr, Pijper, Sarjeant

Result: Sedgmen, Sarjeant, Clegg, Pijper (Fell) (A) 4-2 (30-18)

Max in for Liam. Max having bike trouble and excluded in 2 mins he is off 15m on Sam's bike.

Justin from the tapes and led comfortably. Max was at the back and it was 3-3 for 3 laps until Theo went down (unsure if it was a bike problem) and Max laid it down. Awarded.
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Heat 09
Wolbert, Riss, Palovaara, RES SARJEANT

Result (Re-Run): Wolbert, Sarjeant, Palovaara, Riss (F/x) (55.7) 3-3 (33-21)

Sarjeant for Stichauer.

Riss was on 5-1 with Wolbert when he spun off bend 2 lap 1. Re-run with 3 riders only.

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Heat 10
Cook, Sedgmen, R/R Stichauer, Morris

Result: Sedgmen, Stichauer, Morris, Cook (Fell) (56.8) 3-3 (36-24)

Stichauer takes the r/r. Cook fell lap 4 while on a comfortable 5-1 with Justin. Came into bend 3 and never came out.
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Heat 11
Masters, RES CARR, Lawson, Pijper

Result: Masters, Lawson, Carr, Pijper (E/F) (57.9) 4-2 (40-26)

Carr in blue. Carr got into 3rd coming out bend 2 and held on well. Theo packed in on lap 3 while at the back.
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Heat 12

Result: Wolbert, Morris, Clegg, Sarjeant (Fell) (56.6) 4-2 (44-28)

Clegg in blue, Sarjeant in yellow and Morris is r/r.

Kevin unchallenged. Max got into 3rd and held Sarjeant at bay till Sarjeant came down while at the back. Sarjeant looked up and went for a very slow stroll across the track but the ref never put the lights on. He then had a wee tantrum and threw something while on the centre green.
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Heat 13
Cook, Masters, Lawson, RES STICHAUER

Result: Masters, Cook , Lawson, Stichauer (56.8) 5-1 (49-29)

Stichauer replaces Palovaara.

Sam made the gate and Cook was 3rd but he came down hard on Lawson to go inside him on the back straight and did him bend 3 lap 1.

** Championees **
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Heat 14
Riss, Clegg, Morris, Sarjeant

Result: Riss, Morris, Clegg, Sarjeant (Fell) (58.2) 4-2 (53-31)

Erik was untroubled after emerging from bend 2. Sarjeant was 2nd (or 3rd) comfortably but came off bend 3 lap 2 but was straight up and completed the race to a fantastic applause from the Monarchs fans.
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Heat 15
Cook, Wolbert, Lawson, Morris

Result: Wolbert, Cook , Lawson, Morris (0) 5-1 (58-32)

Tigers take 1 and 3.

Easy 5-1 from the gate.

At end of race both Cookie and Kevin parked up their bikes took off their helmets and rolled over the airfence bends 3 and 4 in to the crowd!

Lovely gesture from Lawson who came round and applauded both sets of fans.
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