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EDINBURGH 'Border Roofing' MONARCHS...56

1. Steve Worrall (G) 3,2ยน,0,0,2ยน = 7+2
2. Mark Riss R/R (MC-F, DB-3, MP-1, MC-1 = 5+0)
3. Michael Palm Toft (G) 1ยน,2,1,2,2ยน = 8+2
4. Ulrich Ostergaard (G) 2,1ยน,1ยน,3 = 7+2
5. Kevin Wolbert (c) 2ยน,1,3,3,3 = 12+1
6. Max Clegg F,3,3,1,3,1 = 11
7. Dan Bewley 1,3,3,3,1 = 11

SHEFFIELD 'Window Centre' TIGERS...36

1. Ricky Wells (G) 2,3,2,1ยน,0 = 8+1
2. Dmitri Berge R/R (JB-1+1, AS-0, KH-2, NG-0 = 3+1)
3. Josh Bates 1ยน,0,0,2ยน,1 = 4+2
4. Richie Worrall (G) 3,4,3,2,1 = 13
5. Kyle Howarth 1,1,2,3,2 = 9
6. Arthur Sissis 2,0,0,0,0 = 2
7. Nathan Greaves 0,0,F,0,0 = 0

Gate Wins: A:2 B:4 C:3 D:6

Trackside Updater: spare rib

Chatzone Updater: TT

Referee: Willie Dishington

Start Time: 7.30pm

Weather: Warm and sunny with a light breeze.

Track: Looks deepish and well watered.

Gates: Monarchs win toss & defer to Ht15 - Tigers take 1 & 3

Monarch of the Match: has to be "Dan the Man" with honourable mentions to both Max and Kevin.
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Heat 01
Worrall, R/R Clegg, Wells, R/R Bates

Result: Worrall, Wells, Bates, Clegg (Fell) (55.9) 3-3 (3-3)

R/R Clegg for Riss. Bates for Berge.

Max made a slow start with Stevie way out in front. Max started to catch Bates before falling on the pits bend of the last lap.
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Heat 02
Clegg, Bewley, Sissis, Greaves

Result: Clegg, Sissis, Bewley, Greaves (56.6) 4-2 (7-5)

Tigers gated but Greaves went wide on the second bend. Clegg then chased after Sissis like a "white van man" and pipped him on the run in to the line.
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Heat 03
Palm Toft, Ostergaard, Bates, Worrall

Result: Worrall, Ostergaard, Palm Toft, Bates (55.3) 3-3 (10-8)

MPT made a hash of the first bend to end up at the back. He did however fight back and took the third place.
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Heat 04
Wolbert, Bewley, Howarth, Greaves

Result: Bewley, Wolbert, Howarth, Greaves (55.8) 5-1 (15-9)

Dan must be frightened of the Kaiser as he "shot out the gate" as if he was one of the greyhounds chasing the hare on the dog track. Kevin then sat in second protecting him with the Tigers having no answer.
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Heat 05
Palm Toft, Ostergaard, Wells, R/R Sissis

Result: Wells, Palm Toft, Ostergaard, Sissis (55.9) 3-3 (18-12)

Sissis takes the r/r ride..
Wells shot out the start and sailed off into the distance leaving the others well behind.
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Heat 06
Worrall, R/R Bewley, Howarth, Sissis

Result: Bewley, Worrall, Howarth, Sissis (56) 5-1 (23-13)

Young Mr Bewley takes the r/r ride.

Dan certainly is the Man !
Monarchs gated with Dan in front and Stevie settling in second. Howarth put up a fight for a while before Stevie got away.
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Heat 07
Wolbert, Clegg, Bates, WORRALL

Result: Clegg, WORRALL, Wolbert, Bates (56.1) 4-4 (27-17)

"Weegie Worrall" dons the black and white cap as a TR.

Cracking first lap when you could have thrown a blanket over the front three for the first lap. Kevin who had been at the back then got past Bates over the start line with Max holding off Richie for a fabulous win.
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Heat 08
R/R Palm Toft, Bewley, R/R Howarth, Greaves

Result: Bewley, Howarth, Palm Toft, Greaves (f) (56.6) 4-2 (31-19)

MPT and Howarth take the r/r rides.

Dan flying yet again as was Mr Greaves.
The only difference was that he was flying along the ground as he "skidded along on his bum" at the end of the first lap with the start marshall having to clear the bike off the track.
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Heat 09
Palm Toft, Ostergaard, Howarth, Sissis

Result: Howarth, Palm Toft, Ostergaard, Sissis (56.4) 3-3 (34-22)

Howarth gated with MPT in second. He had a few nibbles at the leader but didn't make any impression.
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Heat 10
Worrall, R/R Clegg, Bates, Worrall

Result: R Worrall, Bates, Clegg, S Worrall (55.6) 1-5 (35-27)

Max takes the r/r ride.

Monarchs outshone by the two Tigers in that one.
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Heat 11
Wolbert, Bewley, Wells, R/R Greaves

Result: Wolbert, Wells, Bewley, Greaves (55.4) 4-2 (39-29)

Dan replaces Max and Greaves takes the r/r ride.

Kevin from the gate and never worried. Dan shot around the boards on the back straight to hold a comfortable third place.
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Heat 12
Palm Toft, Clegg, Bates, Sissis

Result: Clegg, Palm Toft, Bates, Sissis (56.9) 5-1 (44-30)

Max replaces Dan.

Monarchs gated and it was a race of two halves with "them and us"
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Heat 13
Worrall, Wolbert, Wells, Howarth

Result: Wolbert, Howarth, Wells, Worrall (57.3) 3-3 (47-33)

Cracking race with Howarth making the gate and Kevin and Wells passing each other "time and time again" before Kevin managed to pull away and pass Howarth.
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Heat 14
Ostergaard, Clegg, Worrall, Greaves

Result: Ostergaard, Worrall, Clegg, Greaves (57.1) 4-2 (51-35)

The two Monarchs gated but Richie split them on lap 2. The front three then kept passing each other for the remainder of the race but Max couldn't keep ahead of Richie.
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Heat 15
Worrall, Wolbert, Worrall, Wells

Result: Wolbert, S Worrall, R Worrall, Wells (56) 5-1 (56-36)

Monarchs choose 2/4.

Monarchs gated with Richie sitting on the "knobbles" of his brothers tyre for the whole race but Stevie held him off to secure the 5-1.
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