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NEWCASTLE 'Sapphire Engineering' DIAMONDS...33

1. Robert Lambert 1┬╣,3,3 = 7+1
2. Victor Palovaara 2,1,3,2┬╣ = 8+1
3. Matej Kus 2┬╣,3,2 = 7+1
4. Ludvig Lindgren 3,1,0 = 4
5. Steve Worrall 2,3 = 5
6. Lewis Rose FX = 0
7. Danny Phillips 1,0,1,0 = 2

EDINBURGH 'Border Roofing' MONARCHS...27

1. Sam Masters (c) 3,2 = 5
2. Ben Hopwood (G) 0,0,0 = 0
3. Mark Riss 0,0,1 = 1
4. Ryan Fisher R/R (KW-1, DB-2, BH-0 = 3+0)
5. Kevin W├Âlbert 1,1,2,3 = 7
6. Max Clegg 2┬╣,0,1┬╣,1 = 4+2
7. Dan Bewley 3,3,2,2 = 10

Gate Wins: A:3 B:3 C:1 D:3

Trackside Updater: Gr8scot

Chatzone Updater: ML

Referee: Jim McGregor

Start Time: 6.30pm

Weather: Sun shining brightly


Gates: Newcastle in 1 and 3.

Monarch of the Match:
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Heat 01
Lambert, Palovaara, Masters, Hopwood

Result: Masters, Palovaara, Lambert, Hopwood (63.8) 3-3 (3-3)

FTG. All the riders had a wee wobble at one time or another.

Texter says the track staff have done well to get this on considering the weather previously.
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Heat 02
Rose, Phillips, Clegg, Bewley

Result (Re-Run): Bewley, Clegg, Phillips, Rose (F/x) (AWD) 1-5 (4-8)

Unsatisfactory start. All4back and Rose warned.

Rerun: Monarchs on a 5-1 till Rose gets in to second place bends 3/4 lap 1. Phillips then fell on lap 2 whilst at the back but remounted. Rose then came to grief on bends 3/4 last lap and came down. Race awarded.

Lewis Rose being attended to by the medics and ambulance on track.

Ambulance now taking Lewis to the hospital. Best wishes to Lewis.
Delay whilst we await another ambulance.

Update: 19.55....Replacement ambulance has arrived.
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Heat 03
Kus, Lindgren, Riss, R/R WOLBERT

Result: Lindgren, Kus, W├Âlbert, Riss (65.2) 5-1 (9-9)

Bikes warming up again after the delay.

Kevin Wolbert takes the R/R.

FTG. Monarchs never challenging.
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Heat 04
Worrall, Phillips, W├Âlbert, Bewley

Result (Re-Run): Bewley, Worrall, W├Âlbert, Phillips (64.1) 2-4 (11-13)

Phillips bursts through the tapes. He goes off 15m.

Rerun: Bewley ftg with Worrall chasing hard. Passing and repassing. Updater thinks Worrall got it on the line but ref gave it to Dan.
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Heat 05
Kus, Lindgren, Masters, Hopwood

Result: Kus, Masters, Lindgren, Hopwood (63.8) 4-2 (15-15)

Great race between Masters and Lindgren for 4 laps, passing and repassing.
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Heat 06
Lambert, Palovaara, W├Âlbert, Clegg

Result: Lambert, W├Âlbert, Palovaara, Clegg (64.3) 4-2 (19-17)

Palovaara passed Clegg bend 3 last lap.
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Heat 07

Result: Worrall, Bewley, Phillips, Riss (64.8) 4-2 (23-19)

Phillips replaces the injured Rose and Bewley takes the R/R.

Bewley nearly hung himself on the fence trying to round Worrall bend 2 lap 1. Positions unchanged after that. Riss struggling with the track.
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Heat 08
Palovaara, Phillips, RES CLEGG, Bewley

Result: Palovaara, Bewley, Clegg, Phillips (64.5) 3-3 (26-22)

Clegg replaces Hopwood.

FTG with Bewley chasing Palovaara right to the line.
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Heat 09
Kus, Lindgren, W├Âlbert, Clegg

Result: W├Âlbert, Kus, Clegg, Lindgren (64.1) 2-4 (28-26)

W├Âlbert ftg but Kus passed him bend 2 lap 1 only for Kevin to retake the lead going down the back straight then he was off! Cracking race from Max Clegg to beat Lindgren.
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Heat 10
Lambert, Palovaara, Riss, R/R HOPWOOD

Result: Lambert, Palovaara, Riss, Hopwood (65.6) 5-1 (33-27)

Hopwood takes the R/R.

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Heat 11

Phillips replaces Rose and Bewley replaces Hopwood.

Bewley went very wide coming out of second bend but couldn't control it and crashed heavily taking Masters down with him.

Ambulance on track for Dan. Sam is on his feet.

Update: Dan now on his feet.

Update: Dan still in ambulance. Announced he has concussion but nothing broken.

Update: Dan being taken to hospital.


Best wishes to both Dan Bewley and Lewis Rose.
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Heat 12
Kus, Phillips, Riss, Clegg

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Heat 13
Lambert, Worrall, Masters, W├Âlbert

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Heat 14
Lindgren, Rose, R/R Fisher, Bewley

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Heat 15
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