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EDINBURGH 'Parsons Peebles' MONARCHS...46

1. Sam Masters (c) 2,2,1,3 = 8
2. Josh Pickering 1ยน,1ยน,1,0 = 3+2
3. Ricky Wells 2,0,3,3,2 = 10
4. Mark Riss 0,3,1,Ret = 4
5. Erik Riss 3,3,2,1,0 = 9
6. Max Clegg 3,0,1ยน,2ยน,3 = 9+2
7. Mitchell Davey 1,2ยน,0 = 3+1

GLASGOW 'Allied Vehicles' TIGERS...43

1. Richie Worrall 3,2,3,2,3 = 13
2. Ashley Morris (G) 0,1ยน,1ยน,2ยน,0 = 4+3
3. Richard Lawson 3,2,3,0,1 = 9
4. Dan Bewley R/R (JS-1, AM-1+1, JS-2+1, AS-2 = 6+2)
5. Aaron Summers (c) F,3,0,0,2 = 5
6. James Sarjeant (G) 2,1,3,2,2ยน,1,1ยน = 12+2
7. Ryan MacDonald (G) 0,F,F = 0
8. Dale Lamb =

Gate Wins: A:7 B:3 C:3 D:2

Trackside Updater: Chopper

Chatzone Updater: ML

Start time: 7.30pm

Referee: Stuart Wilson

Weather: Cool. Track looks to have escaped the rain in the area.

Gates: Glasgow win toss and take 1 & 3

Monarch of the Match: Max Clegg

**Big Crowd**
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Heat 01
Masters, Pickering, Worrall, Morris

Result: Worrall, Masters, Pickering, Morris (55.5) 3-3 (3-3)

Tigers gate but Morris almost runs in to Richie on 2nd bend so both Monarchs get under him down the back straight. Morris really close to Josh a few times especially off the 4th bend but Josh held on.
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Heat 02
Clegg, Davey, Sarjeant, MacDonald

Result (Rerun): Clegg, Sarjeant, Davey, MacDonald (56) 4-2 (7-5)

Sarjeant jumps the start and gets an official warning. Restart with all four.

Rerun - Sarj fast out the gate but Max drove under him in to the lead.
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Heat 03
Wells, M Riss, Lawson, R/R SARJEANT

Result: Lawson, Wells, Sarjeant, Riss (55.5) 2-4 (9-9)

Sarjeant takes the R/R.

Riss in third place but makes a mistake when pressured by Sarj on lap 2. Ricky also made a mistake on lap 3 but held on.
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Heat 04
E Riss, Davey, Summers, MacDonald

Result: Riss, Davey - 2 Finishers only (56.5) 5-0 (14-9)

Both Tigers fell but are up and appear okay.
Summers poor off the start and Davey rode a good line and forced Summers to ride hard round the outside at the start off lap 2 but Aaron fell when he locked up. MacDonald fell on lap 1.
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Heat 05
Wells, M Riss, Worrall, Morris

Result: Riss, Worrall, Morris, Wells (55.8) 3-3 (17-12)

FTG. Ricky tried hard but just couldn't get there.
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Heat 06
Masters, Pickering, Summers, RES MACDONALD

Result: Summers, Masters, Pickering, MacDonald (Fell) (57) 3-3 (20-15)

MacDonald replaces Sarjeant.

FTG. MacDonald fell on lap 3. Up and appears okay.
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Heat 07
E Riss, Clegg, Lawson, R/R MORRIS

Result: Riss, Lawson, Morris, Clegg (56.4) 3-3 (23-18)

Morris takes the R/R.

Erik from the gate but Max last. Max battled under Ashley off bend 4 but Morris went round him on next lap. Good race for third with Morris looking fast.
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Heat 08
Pickering, Davey, Morris, RES SARJEANT

Result: Sarjeant, Morris, Pickering, Davey (56.5) 1-5 (24-23)

Sarjeant replaces MacDonald.

Tigers flew from the gate and Josh tried hard around the outside but never got close.
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Heat 09
Wells, M Riss, Summers, Sarjeant

Result: Wells, Sarjeant, Riss, Summers (57.1) 4-2 (28-25)

Brilliant race. Great first and second bend from Sarj put him in the lead but then Ricky was phenominal on lap 2 to go around Mark and then Sarj. Mark almost up the inside at the same time and Sarj did well to hold on to 2nd.
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Heat 10
Masters, Pickering, Lawson, R/R SARJEANT

Result: Lawson, Sarjeant, Masters, Pickering (58) 1-5 (29-30)

Sarjeant takes the R/R.

Sarj round the outside of Pickering down the back straight and then Masters made a mistake on bend 1 lap 2 allowing Sarj in to second place. Disaster!

Track grading and Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund collection now.
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Heat 11
E Riss, Clegg, Worrall, Morris

Result: Worrall, Riss, Clegg, Morris (56.4) 3-3 (32-33)

FTG with Max doing well to hold off Morris for 3 laps.
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Heat 12
Wells, RES CLEGG, Lawson, Sarjeant

Result: Wells, Clegg, Sarjeant, Lawson (57.6) 5-1 (37-34)

Clegg replaces Davey.

FTG. Brilliant start from the Monarchs who were well gone despite Sarj trying hard.
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Heat 13
Masters, E Riss, Worrall, Summers

Result: Masters, Worrall, Riss, Summers (57.8) 4-2 (41-36)

Texter thinks that is the best race he has ever seen at the Dale. Summers gated but both Monarchs drove under him off bend 2 and somehow Worrall did the sameand got between the Monarchs to start lap 2 in the lead. Sam then drove really hard under Richie to take the lead and Erik got through too but Richie recovered well to pass Erik with the Monarch all over him right to the end.
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Heat 14

Result: Clegg, Summers, Sarjeant, Riss (Ret) (58) 3-3 (44-39)

Summers takes the R/R and Sarjeant replaces MacDonald.

Brilliant from Max. Great gate and won by a mile. Mark missed the start and was going for big blasts round the outside but made a mistake on bend 4 lap 2 and dropped back. Same again on next lap and he pulled off track.
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Heat 15
Wells, E Riss, Worrall, Lawson,

Result: Worrall, Wells, Lawson, Riss (57.5) 2-4 (46-43)

Monarchs take 2 and 4.

Essentially from the gate although Erik trying to go wider but found his path blocked by 2 Tigers. Worked really hard and thought he had stolen 3rd place on the line...but job done and three points.
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