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EDINBURGH 'Border Roofing' MONARCHS...46

1. Sam Masters (c) 3,2¹,3,1,3 = 12+1
2. Erik Riss 1,3,3,2¹,0 = 9+1
3. Kevin Wolbert 2,2,3,3 = 10
4. Jye Etheridge 0,0,0,2 = 2
5. Ryan Fisher 2,1,2,3 = 8
6. Max Clegg 3,0,0,0,Ex = 3
7. Ryan Blacklock (G) 2¹,0,0 = 2+1

GLASGOW 'Allied Vehicles' TIGERS...43

1. Richard Lawson 2,3,3,2,2 = 12
2. Nike Lunna 0,1,2,1 = 4
3. Richie Worrall 3,3,1,2,1¹ = 10+1
4. Ben Barker 1,2¹,FX,3 = 6+1
5. Aaron Summers (c) 3,1,2,0 = 6
6. Coty Garcia F,0,1¹,1¹,1 = 3+2
7. Danny Ayres EF,1,1¹ = 2+1

Gate Wins: A:4 B:3 C:5 D:3

Trackside Updater: ML

Chatzone Updater: TT

Referee: Ronnie Allan

Start Time: 7.30pm

Weather: Lovely dry sunny evening.

Track: Was watered earlier on.

Gates: Glasgow win toss and take 1/3

Monarch of the Match: Sam Masters
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Heat 01
Masters, Riss, Lawson, Lunna

Result: Masters, Lawson, Riss, Lunna (54.8) 4-2 (4-2)

Sam made a great gate from the outside and was never troubled. Erik settled into third after the second bend and the rest of the race was uneventful.
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Heat 02
Clegg, Blacklock, Garcia, Ayres

Result: Clegg, Blacklock - 2 Finishers only (57.4) 5-0 (9-2)

Max and Coty engaged in some "elbows" on the first bend with Max coming out on top and breezing off into the distance. Danny Ayres had an engine failure on Lap1 Bend 2 and was most upset! Mr Garcia then preceded to fall off all on his own on Lap2 Bend 2 before being lapped.
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Heat 03
Wolbert, Etheridge, Worrall, Barker

Result: Worrall, Wolbert, Barker, Etheridge (55.2) 2-4 (11-6)

Great gate from Richie to take him to the front. Kevin chased him hard but never looked like getting past.
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Heat 04
Fisher, Blacklock, Summers, Ayres

Result: Summers, Fisher, Ayres, Blacklock (55.8) 2-4 (13-10)

Aaron untroubled from the gate. Young Mr Blacklock held third place until he fell on Lap3 Bend3 allowing Ayres past. The youngster remounted and finished the race to loud applause.
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Heat 05
Wolbert, Etheridge, Lawson, Lunna

Result: Lawson, Wolbert, Lunna, Etheridge (55.3) 2-4 (15-14)

Richard from the gate untroubled. Jye passed Luna on bend 2 lap 1 and the pair of them had a "good scrap" until Nike pulled off an inside move on bend 3 lap 3 to secure third.
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Heat 06
Masters, Riss, Summers, Garcia

Result: Riss, Masters, Summers, Garcia (55.9) 5-1 (20-15)

Monarchs from the gate with Erik moving into the lead on bend 2 with Sam quite happy to "watch his back" for four lap.
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Heat 07
Fisher, Blacklock, Worrall, Barker

Result: Worrall, Barker, Fisher, Blacklock (56.5) 1-5 (21-20)

Reserve swap for Monarchs with Blacklock replacing Clegg.
Unsatisfactory start. All 4 back.

Mr Fisher gated before Richie got in front exiting bend 2. Flyin Ryan then made a terrible mistake on Bend4 Lap2 hitting the fence allowing Ben Barker up the inside. Fisher then chased after him hard but Ben won the race to the line.
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Heat 08
Riss, Clegg, Lunna, Garcia

Result: Riss, Lunna, Garcia, Clegg (56.3) 3-3 (24-23)

Clegg replaces Blacklock. Garcia replaces Ayres.

Monarchs support group have just made a £ 500 donation to Sam Masters following his two engine blow outs the other week at Workington.

A good race with Erik pulling away on the last lap. Max got squashed out on the opening bends and never looked like getting back into the mix.
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Heat 09
Wolbert, Etheridge, Summers, Ayres

Result: Wolbert, Summers, Ayres, Etheridge (55.1) 3-3 (27-26)

Ayres replaces Garcia.

Aaron gated but the Kaiser passes him on the outside of bend 2 and then raced off untroubled into the distance. Jye took a tumble on bends 1/2 of the first lap.
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Heat 10
Masters, Riss, Worrall, Barker

Result: Masters, Riss, Worrall, Barker (F/x) (AWD) 5-1 (32-27)

Unsatisfactory start. All 4 back.

Controversy in the rerun. Monarchs on a 5-1 when Mr Barker falls off at the back and stays down. ML unable to see if he was trapped under bike or whether he was "at it". Monarchs fans clearly think the latter as Ben receives a barrage of boos. The ref however awards the race to Monarchs.
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Heat 11
Fisher, Clegg, Lawson, Lunna

Result: Lawson, Fisher, Lunna, Clegg (56.8) 2-4 (34-31)

Max and Richard gate but Ryan comes a cropper on bend 1. ML didn't really see what happened but ref has invited all four back.

Tiggers gated on a 5-1 before Ryan passed Nike on bends 3 and 4. He then chased hard after Richard but the Tigers No1 was always in control.
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Heat 12
Wolbert, Clegg, Worrall, Garcia

Result: Wolbert, Worrall, Garcia, Clegg (56.2) 3-3 (37-34)

Clegg out again in Blue.

And yet again we have another unsatisfactory start. ML annoyed with ref as there is no clarification of why it was unsatisfactory.

Rerun - Kevin edged ahead of Richie exiting bend 2 and stayed ahead for the rest of the race. Max passed Garcia before Coty repaid the compliment to take third.
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Heat 13
Masters, Fisher, Lawson, Summers

Result: Fisher, Lawson, Masters, Summers (57.3) 4-2 (41-36)

An excellent race this one. Tigers gated but Ryan went wide around the first two bends to get to the front midway along the back straight. Sam tried hard to get past Richard Lawson but had the problem of Aaron Summers being all over him trying to get through to third.
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Heat 14
Etheridge, Clegg, Barker, Garcia

Result: Barker, Etheridge, Garcia, Clegg (Excl.) (59.1) 2-4 (43-40)

Garcia replaces Ayres.
Drama as both Garcia and Etheridge come to grief on the first bend. All 4 back you would think, but there is a twist. Max had a problem with his bike leaving the tapes and was deemed to not be "under power" at the time of the stoppage. Rerun with 3 riders only.

Rerun - Tigers gate on a 5-1 but Jye goes between them on bend 2 and rides a good race to hold off the charging Garcia.
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Heat 15
Masters, Riss, Lawson, Worrall

Result: Masters, Lawson, Worrall, Riss (56.7) 3-3 (46-43)

Monarchs take 2/4.

Sam from the gate and pulled away to secure victory for the Monarchs.
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