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EDINBURGH 'Border Roofing' MONARCHS...53

1. Sam Masters (c) 1┬╣,2┬╣,3,3,1 = 10+2
2. Ryan Fisher 2,3,2,2┬╣ = 9+1
3. Eric Riss 3,1┬╣,3,2,3 = 12+1
4. Mark Riss 2┬╣,2,1,3 = 8+1
5. Kevin Wolbert 3,1,1,1 = 6
6. Max Clegg 3,0,1┬╣,1 = 5+1
7. Ben Hopwood (G) 1,1,0,1┬╣ = 3+1


1. Danny King 3,3,2┬╣,2 = 10+1
2. James Sarjeant 0,F,3,3,FX = 6
3. Nico Covatti 1,2┬╣,0,3,2 = 8+1
4. Morten Risager 0,3,1,2 = 6
5. Ben Barker 2,1,2,F = 5
6. Joe Jacobs 2,0,Ret,0 = 2
7. Connor Coles F,0,Ret,F = 0

Gate Wins: A:2 B:0 C:5 D:7

Trackside Updater: Midnight_Lady

Chatzone Updater: Rach

Referee: Michael Brecon

Start Time: 7.30pm

Weather: Raining no parade

Track: very wet

Gates: Ipswich 1 and 3

Monarch of the Match: Mark Riss
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Heat 01
Masters, Fisher, King, Sarjeant

Result: King, Fisher, Masters, Sarjeant (57.3) 3-3 (3-3)

FTG and spread out. Riders muddy already!
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Heat 02
Clegg, Hopwood, Jacobs, Coles

Result: Clegg, Jacobs, Hopwood, Coles (Fell) (59.7) 4-2 (7-5)

Witches FTG but Coles falls bend 3 lap 1. Clegg passes Jacobs start of lap 2. It's all about who doesn't slither the most.
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Heat 03
E Riss, M Riss, Covatti, Risager

Result: E Riss, M Riss, Covatti, Risager (59.3) 5-1 (12-6)

FTG untroubled. Probably cos the Witches couldnae see.
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Heat 04
W├Âlbert, Hopwood, Barker, Coles

Result (Re-Run): W├Âlbert, Barker, Hopwood, Coles (59.8) 4-2 (16-8)

Coles' bike goes pop at the gate as the 2 minutes expire. New 2 minutes. Coles off 15m but doesn't know and is trying to go from the tapes.

Re-run: FTG.
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Heat 05
E Riss, M Riss, King, Sarjeant

Result: King, M Riss, E Riss, Sarjeant (Fell) (58.6) 3-3 (19-11)

FTG. I think Sargeant fell early 1st lap but remounted to finish the race.
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Heat 06
Masters, Fisher, Barker, RES COLES

Result: Fisher, Masters, Barker, Coles (Ret) (59.8) 5-1 (24-12)

Coles replaces Jacobs.

FTG with Masters covering Fisher and Barker filled in but trying hard.
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Heat 07
W├Âlbert, Clegg, Covatti, Risager

Result: Risager, Covatti, W├Âlbert, Clegg (60.1) 1-5 (25-17)

Witches like lightning from the gate and comfortable. That's fecked it up now!
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Heat 08
Fisher, RES CLEGG, Sarjeant, RES JACOBS

Result: Sarjeant, Fisher, Clegg, Jacobs (59.7) 3-3 (28-20)

Clegg replaces Hopwood and Jacobs replaces Coles.

Fisher ftg and leading comfortably.....but Sarjeant had other ideas and passed him on the inside going in to the last lap. Good ride from James in the conditions.
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Heat 09
E Riss, M Riss, Barker, Jacobs

Result: E Riss, Barker, M Riss, Jacobs (Ret) (59.5) 4-2 (32-22)

Monarchs FTG but Barker into 2nd bend 4 lap 1. Mark chased Barker hard and wasn't far off in run to the line. Jacobs retired at the back.
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Heat 10
Masters, Fisher, Covatti, Risager

Result: Masters, Fisher, Risager, Covatti (59.7) 5-1 (37-23)

Monarchs FTG with Risager hunting Fisher down.
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Heat 11
W├Âlbert, RES HOPWOOD, King, Sarjeant

Result: Sarjeant, King, W├Âlbert, Hopwood (60.3) 1-5 (38-28)

Hopwood replaces Clegg.

Witches FTG. It's all over now I think.
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Heat 12
E Riss, RES CLEGG, Covatti, Jacobs

Result: Covatti, Riss, Hopwood, Jacobs (59.7) 3-3 (41-31)

Clegg in for Hopwood.

Riss FTG but held too tight a line on bends 1 and 2 lap 1 allowing Covatti to sail round the outside.

Congratulations to the Witches on getting thru to the semis
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Heat 13
Masters, W├Âlbert, King, Barker

Result: Masters, King, W├Âlbert, Barker (Fell) (59.3) 4-2 (45-33)

Monarchs FTG but King thru into 2nd bend 4 lap 1. Barker fell bend 3 lap 1 and had a good look to see where King was before he got up.
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Heat 14
M Riss, Clegg, Risager, Coles

Result: Riss, Risager, Clegg, Coles (Fell) (59.9) 4-2 (49-35)

Risager FTG but Riss rounded him bend 2 lap 1. Coles fell at the back but remounted to finish.
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Heat 15
E Riss, Masters, Covatti, Sarjeant

Result: E Riss, Covatti, Masters, Sarjeant (F/x) (A) 4-2 (53-37)

Monarchs on 1 and 3.

Riss FTG but Covatti chasing spectacularly and coming very close a couple of times. Sarjeant fell at the back bend 2 lap 2. Ref red lighted as Erik crossed the line in to lap 3. Sarjeant should have been excluded at the start as he pulled back when start Marshall walked away. Sarjeant got up quickly and appeared fine.
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