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1. Craig Cook 3,2ยน,3,3,3 = 14+1
2. Justin Sedgmen 2ยน,2ยน,3,3,2ยน = 12+3
3. Max Fricke 3,3,1,2,2 = 11
4. Steve Worrall R/R (JS-2+1, DS-2+1, DS-0, MF-2 = 6+2)
5. Sam Masters 3,3,F,2ยน,2ยน = 10+2
6. Aaron Fox 2,0,0,1,1ยน = 4+1
7. Derek Sneddon (c) Ret,2ยน,1,0,F = 3+1


1. Aaron Summers (G) 0,F,6,0 = 6
2. Brady Kurtz R/R (CW-1, TK-1, NM-4, PA-2+1 = 8+1)
3. Charles Wright 1,1,1ยน,0,1 = 4+1
4. Pontus Aspgren 0,2,1,2ยน,3,F = 8+1
5. Nick Morris (c) 1ยน,Ex,4,2ยน,1,1 = 9+2
6. Todd Kurtz 3,1,0 = 4
7. Paul Starke 1,2,1,3,3,0 = 10

Gate Wins: A:1 B:6 C:5 D:2

Trackside Updaters: ML

Chatzone Updater: KevPat

Referee: Michael Breckon

Start Time: 7.00pm

Weather: Freezing and windy. Earlier rain may make the track difficult early doors

Track: Looks good though a little damp

Gates: Not sure who won toss but Edinburgh in 1 & 3 (Column A)

Monarch Of The Match:

Most Exciting Rider:
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Heat 01
Cook, Sedgmen, Summers, R/R Kurtz.B

Charles Wright takes the R/R

Result: Cook, Sedgmen, Wright, Summers (56) 5-1 (5-1)

Monarchs from the gate with Summers trying the blast round the outside... A move, Cook soon saw to. Summers messed up the second turn and Wright came through.
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Heat 02
Fox, Sneddon, Kurtz.T, Starke

Result (Re-Run): Kurtz, Fox, Starke, Sneddon (Ret) (57.7) 2-4 (7-5)

Race to be Rerun as Sneddon and Starke come down (separately) on the first two turns... All 4 back. Updater couldn't tell if there was any blame

Rerun - Sneddon from the start and away. However, he made a mistake on turn 3 and dropped to the back, later retiring. Fox all over the back wheel of Kurtz who rode a good race to keep him behind him
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Heat 03
Fricke, R/R Worrall, Wright, Aspgren

Justin Sedgmen takes the R/R

Result: Fricke, Sedgmen, Wright, Aspgren (56.6) 5-1 (12-6)

Max from the Gate and Justin slips into second down the back straight. Wright all over the back of Sedgmen over the last two laps but couldn't find a way past
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Heat 04
Masters, Sneddon, Morris, Starke

Aaron Fox replaces Derek Sneddon

Result: Masters, Starke, Morris, Fox (56) 3-3 (15-9)

Even break from the start but Sam powered round turns 1 and 2 with Starke in Second... Morris happy to sit behind his partner and protect the position
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Heat 05
Fricke, R/R Worrall, Summers, R/R Kurtz.B

Derek Sneddon takes the R/R for Edinburgh
Todd Kurtz takes the R/R for Somerset

Result: Fricke, Sneddon, Kurtz, Summers (Fell) (56.6) 5-1 (20-10)

Fricke from the gate with Summers trying to go round the outside... However, he got hooked up on the back straight fence, zig zagged across the track with Derek and Todd taking avoiding action, pulled onto the infield and fell down!.....
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Heat 06
Cook, Sedgmen, Morris, Kurtz.T

Paul Starke replaces Todd Kurtz

Result (Re-Run): Sedgmen, Cook, Starke, Morris (Excl.) (56.6) 5-1 (25-11)

Race to be rerun without Nick Morris. Sedgmen lightning from the gate with Cook and Morris level going into turn 3. Cook hard in to the turn and Morris comes down... Texter inline with the incident and confirms there was no contact.

Monarchs from the gate with Cook happy to ride shotgun though in fairness, Starke wasn't close enough to land a telling blow
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Heat 07
Masters, Fox, Wright, Aspgren

Result: Masters, Aspgren, Wright, Fox (56.2) 3-3 (28-14)

Masters and Aspgren down the back straight but Sam pulls clear. Strung out after that
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Heat 08
Sedgmen, Sneddon, R/R Kurtz.B, Starke

Nick Morris takes the R/R and is also a Tactical
Todd Kurtz replaces Paul Starke

Result: Sedgmen, Morris, Sneddon, Kurtz (56.3) 4-4 (32-18)

Morris gates but Sedgmen comes past down the back straight to take the lead. Derek slips into third on lap 1 and holds on ahead of Kurtz
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Heat 09
Fricke, R/R Worrall, Morris, Kurtz.T

Derek Sneddon takes the R/R
Paul Starke replaces Todd Kurtz

Result: Starke, Morris, Fricke, Sneddon (56.4) 1-5 (33-23)

Fricke from the gate but went far too wide on bend 2, having to shut off which allowed both Rebels through
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Heat 10
Cook, Sedgmen, Wright, Aspgren

Result: Cook, Sedgmen, Aspgren, Wright (56.7) 5-1 (38-24)

Monarchs from the start with Wright challenging in third.. Kept Sedgmen honest until the last corner when he shed a chain
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Heat 11
Masters, Fox, Summers, R/R Kurtz.B

Pontus Aspgren takes the R/R
Aaron Summers takes a Tactical ride

Result: Summers, Aspgren, Fox, Masters (Fell) (56.6) 1-8 (39-32)

Sam falls on turn 1 and the race continues. Aspgren leads until 10m from the tapes when he slows to let Summers take the win
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Heat 12
Fricke, Sneddon, Wright, Kurtz.T

Paul Starke replaces Todd Kurtz

Result (Re-Run): Starke, Fricke, Wright, Sneddon (Fell) (57.6) 2-4 (41-36)

Race to Rerun with Wright and Sneddon down on the first turn - All 4 back

Starke gets the drive off turn 2 and is untroubled, Sneddon falls at the back
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Heat 13
Cook, Masters, Summers, Morris

Result (Re-Run): Cook, Masters, Morris, Summers (55.5) 5-1 (46-37)

Race to be rerun with all 4 - Masters down on the outside of Morris and Morris falls in turn 2... Updater couldn't see if there was contact

2nd rerun as Masters and Morris down again in turn 1, Cook also had nowhere to go and has ran into the fence, coming down also... There are handbags but updater can't see who... Tension is immense...

Rerun Cook and Masters take maximum points off a pressing Morris
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Heat 14
R/R Worrall, Fox, Aspgren, Starke

Max Fricke takes the R/R

Result: Aspgren, Fricke, Fox, Starke (57.5) 3-3 (49-40)

Aspgren FTG with Fricke in second and Starke in third... Fox up the inside into turn 3 as Starke goes wide and drops to the back
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Heat 15
Cook, Masters, Morris, Aspgren

Result: Cook, Masters, Morris, Aspgren (Fell) (Awar) 5-1 (54-41)

Cook ruthless on Morris taking him wide on turn 1 and 2 as Sam comes through into 2nd... Monarchs on a Championship winning 5-1 for 2 laps before Aspgren falls at the back and doesn't clear the track. Referee awards the race and crowns Edinburgh as the deserved 2014 Premier League champions.

Congratulations to Somerset for two stunning and nerve-racking meetings.
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