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GLASGOW 'Allied Vehicles' TIGERS...51

1. Richard Lawson 3,2,2,0 = 7
2. Kozza Smith 2┬╣,FX,3,1┬╣ = 6+2
3. Nick Morris 1,3,2,2┬╣,1 = 9+1
4. Dimitri Berge 3,1,1┬╣,1┬╣ = 6+2
5. Aaron Summers (c) 2,3,2,3,0 = 10
6. Victor Palovaara 2┬╣,0,1┬╣,2 = 5+2
7. James Sarjeant 3,0,2┬╣,3 = 8+1

EDINBURGH 'Border Roofing' MONARCHS...42

1. Craig Cook (c) 1,2,3,2,2┬╣ = 10+1
2. Justin Sedgmen 0,0,0 = 0
3. Kevin W├Âlbert 2,2,3,1 = 8
4. Erik Riss 0,1┬╣,0,0 = 1+1
5. Sam Masters 3,6,3,1┬╣,3 = 16+1
6. Max Clegg 0,1,0 = 1
7. Rob Branford 1,1,1,0,0,3 = 6

Gate Wins: A:4 B:3 C:5 D:3

Trackside Updater: ChrisB

Chatzone Updater: ML

Referee: Stuart Wilson

Start Time: 3pm

Weather: The sun is out

Track: Looks well watered

Gates: Monarchs won the toss and take 1 & 3 in heat 1.

Monarch Of The Match:

Most Exciting Rider:
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Heat 01
Lawson, Smith, Cook, Sedgmen

Result: Lawson, Smith, Cook, Sedgmen (58.4) 5-1 (5-1)

Cookie breaks the tapes! He goes off 15m.

Both Tigers gate with Lawson leading. Cookie goes past Justin lap 2 and sets off after the Tigers. He nearly got Kozza on the run to the line.
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Heat 02
Palovaara, Sarjeant, Clegg, Branford

Result: Sarjeant, Palovaara, Branford, Clegg (59.4) 5-1 (10-2)

Tigers gate again. Rob nearly gets Palovaara on the back straight lap 1 but tails off. Easy for Tigers after that with Sarjeant winning easily.
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Heat 03
Morris, Berge, W├Âlbert, Riss

Result: Berge, W├Âlbert, Morris, Riss (58.5) 4-2 (14-4)

Kevin gates along with the Tigers but Berge goes round him bend 2 lap 1. Easy for Berge after that. Morris was nowhere near Wolbert. Riss paid for a poor gate. Track has become dusty now.
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Heat 04
Summers, Sarjeant, Masters, Branford

Result: Masters, Summers, Branford, Sarjeant (58.7) 2-4 (16-8)

Masters and Sarjeant both warned for jumping the start.

Sam and Rob both gate but Aaron picks of Rob bend 2 lap 1. Sam is gone and Rob is having to hold off the advances of Sarjeant though he never really got close enough to pass.

Dust is rising.
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Heat 05
Morris, Berge, Cook, Sedgmen

Result: Morris, Cook, Berge, Sedgmen (58,5) 4-2 (20-10)

Tapes malfunctioning now... "jokers"...

Rerun: Cookie gates with Morris. They pass and repass for 2 laps the Morris pulls away. Sedgy didn't seem interested at the back.
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Heat 06
Lawson, Smith, MASTERS TR, Clegg

Result: Masters, Lawson, Clegg, Smith (F/x) (58.3) 2-7 (22-17)

Masters on a TR.

Lawson moved at start.

Rerun:Sam gates and is under massive pressure until Kozza falls bend 2 lap 2 with Max running right in to Kozza. Kozza excluded and Max holding his wrist on way back to pits.

Clegg is taking his place in reun. Tough wee lad.

Rerun: Lawson jumped it and gets a warning.

Masters gates and takes Lawson wide. Clegg nearly got by him but eventually tailed off. "Sam a joy to watch"
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Heat 07
Summers, Palovaara, W├Âlbert, Riss

Result: Summers, W├Âlbert, Riss, Palovaara (59.1) 3-3 (25-20)

Wolbert gates with Spud with Erik in 3rd. Kevin holds off Spud until the last bend when Spud passes Kevin as his engine goes pop. "It bloody stinks as well" Good race but an expensive heat win.
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Heat 08
Smith, Sarjeant, Sedgmen, Branford

Result: Smith, Sarjeant, Branford, Sedgmen (59.9) 5-1 (30-21)

From the gate. Branford tried to get in to the race. Updater not happy with Sedgy!
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Heat 09
Morris, Berge, Masters, Clegg

Result: Masters, Morris, Berge, Clegg (59) 3-3 (33-24)

Berge gates with Sam but Sam cuts back bend 2 lap 1 to take the lead. Morris gets by Berge and sets after Sam but he was never close. Max felt the pace in that one.
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Heat 10
Lawson, Smith, W├Âlbert, Riss

Result: W├Âlbert, Lawson, Smith, Riss (59.4) 3-3 (36-27)

Lawson made a hash of it. Clips the fence bend 2 lap 3 and Wolbert takes the advantage to win.

The James Bond theme is being chanted by the Monarchs fans as "agent" Wolbert wins that one. LOL
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Heat 11
Summers, Palovaara, Cook, BRANFORD RES

Result: Cook, Summers, Palovaara, Branford (59.1) 3-3 (39-30)

Branford replaces the disapponting Sedgmen.

Cookie gates and wins with ease. Branford chased Palovaara for 3rd. But too many last places for the Monarchs today.
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Heat 12
Morris, Sarjeant, W├Âlbert, BRANFORD

Result: Sarjeant, Morris, W├Âlbert, Branford (59.9) 5-1 (44-31)

Branford replaces Clegg.

Tapes malfunction again!! What a joke!!

Branford excluded for leaving the track (the new rules) and goes off 15m.

Rerun: The Tigers gate with Wolbert who tried to hold them back but couldn't. Close all the way. Morris "milking it" LOL
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Heat 13
Lawson, Summers, Cook, Masters

Result: Summers, Cook, Masters, Lawson (59.3) 3-3 (47-34)

Tapes malfunction yet again! Don't go up on the inside. "750K and can't get the basics tight. It's like a GP" LOL

Rerun: Summers gates and leads all the way. Cookie and Sam pack in for 2nd and 3rd. They never got close to Aaron.
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Heat 14
Berge, Palovaara, Riss, Branford

Result: Branford, Palovaara, Berge, Riss (60.4) 3-3 (50-37)

Mental!!! Branford gates with the Tigers and 3 go to the fence. Berge clips it and is lucky to stay on. God knows what went on with Riss!...No points for the Monarchs now.
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Heat 15
Morris, Summers, Masters Cook,

Result: Masters, Cook, Morris, Summers (59.3) 1-5 (51-42)

Glasgow take 1 & 3.

Sam, Cookie and Morris gate together but it's easy for the Monarchs half a straight ahead.
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