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1. Eddie Kennett Ret,3,2,3 = 8
2. Kasper Lykke 2,1,2,1┬╣,1 = 7+1
3. Cameron Heeps 3,0,0,2┬╣,0 = 5+1
4. Leigh Lanham 2┬╣,1,2 = 5+1
5. Stuart Robson 3,2,1,1 = 7
6. Peter Karger 1┬╣,1┬╣,3,0 = 5+2
7. Ben Morley 2,1,1┬╣,3,3 = 10+1

EDINBURGH 'Border Roofing' MONARCHS...42

1. Sam Masters (c) 3,3,2,0,2┬╣ = 10+1
2. Erik Riss EF,2┬╣,3,0 = 5+1
3. Kevin W├Âlbert 1,3,3,1,3 = 11
4. Jye Etheridge 0,F,1┬╣ = 1+1
5. Ryan Fisher 2,2,1,2 = 7
6. Max Clegg 3,0,3,0,0,2 = 8
7. Dan Bewley 0,0,Ex = 0

Gate Wins: A:1 B:3 C:1 D:10

Trackside Updater: TheScotsman

Chatzone Updater: ML

Referee: Christina Turnbull

Start Time: 6pm

Weather: Dry but rain is forcast.

Track: Looks rock hard. Had a light watering.

Gates: Rye win toss and take 2 & 4

Monarch of the Match: Kevin & Max
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Heat 01
Kennett, Lykke, Masters, Riss

Result: Masters, Lykke - 2 Finishers only (57.8) 2-3 (2-3)

Tight first bend with Kennett being sandwiched. He didn't fall but went right out to the fence and stopped. Meanwhile Monarchs on a 5-1 till Riss who was in second place packed up bend 2 lap 3.

Kennett not a happy bunny!
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Heat 02
Karger, Morley, Clegg, Bewley

Result: Clegg, Morley, Karger, Bewley (58.5) 3-3 (5-6)

From the gate.
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Heat 03
Heeps, Lanham, W├Âlbert, Etheridge

Result: Heeps, Lanham, W├Âlbert, Etheridge (57.3) 5-1 (10-7)

W├Âlbert gated in second place but lost out to Lanham on bend 2 lap 1.
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Heat 04
Robson, Morley, Fisher, Bewley

Result: Robson, Fisher, Morley, Bewley (58.5) 4-2 (14-9)

Bewley gated well but got clamped down on bend 1 lap 1. Rockets away till Fisher got inside Morley bends 3/4 lap 1.

Track grading.
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Heat 05
Heeps, Lanham, Masters, Riss

Result: Masters, Riss, Lanham, Heeps (58.2) 1-5 (15-14)

Masters gated and was comfortably away. Riss raced past Heeps bend 3 lap 1 then Lanham passed Heeps.
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Heat 06
Kennett, Lykke, Fisher, Clegg

Result: Kennett, Fisher, Lykke, Clegg (57.2) 4-2 (19-16)

Fisher gated with Clegg in third but Kennett went round Fisher bends 3/4 lap 1 and Lykke passed Clegg.
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Heat 07
Robson, Karger, W├Âlbert, Etheridge

Result: W├Âlbert, Robson, Karger, Etheridge (Fell) (58.1) 3-3 (22-19)

W├Âlbert just managed to get ahead of Robson off bend 2 lap 1. Etheridge slid of bend 2 lap 2 whilst at the back.

Track grading.
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Heat 08
Lykke, Morley, Riss, Bewley

Result: Riss, Lykke, Morley, Bewley (Excl.) (58.8) 3-3 (25-22)

Good race between Riss and Lykke with Lykke pushing very hard and almost pinched it on the line. Bewley appears to have been excluded for leaving the track. Updater never saw what happened.
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Heat 09
Heeps, Lanham, Fisher, Clegg

Result: Clegg, Lanham, Fisher, Heeps (59.2) 2-4 (27-26)

Very good race. Clegg pushed hard all the way by Lanham and Fisher just managing to keep ahead of Heeps for third.
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Heat 10
Kennett, Lykke, W├Âlbert, RES CLEGG

Result: W├Âlbert, Kennett, Lykke, Clegg (58) 3-3 (30-29)

Clegg replaces Etheridge.

Rockets gated but W├Âlbert got through between them in to second place off bend 2 lap 1. Then came a good race with W├Âlbert chasing hard on Kennett and he passed Kennett on the inside of bend 3 lap 4 and managed to just hold on for the win.

Track grading. A bit dusty.

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Heat 11
Robson, Karger, Masters, Riss

Result: Karger, Masters, Robson, Riss (59.5) 4-2 (34-31)

Karger gated from the favoured gate 4 and rode a good race to thwart Masters.
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Heat 12
Heeps, Morley, W├Âlbert, Clegg

Result: Morley, Heeps, W├Âlbert, Clegg (59.1) 5-1 (39-32)

Morley a good gate from 4 and was in the lead off bend 2. W├Âlbert chased hard but to no avail.
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Heat 13
Kennett, Robson, Masters, Fisher

Result: Kennett, Fisher, Robson, Masters (58.5) 4-2 (43-34)

Good gate from Kennett with Masters chasing. Masters lifted badly bend 4 lap 1 and dropped to the back.
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Heat 14
RES MORLEY, Karger, Etheridge, RES CLEGG

Result (Re-Run): Morley, Clegg, Etheridge, Karger (59.4) 3-3 (46-37)

Clegg replaces Bewley.

Unsatisfactory start with Clegg getting a flier. All4back and Clegg is warned.

Rerun: Big crash bend 1 lap 1 with all 4 down. Etheridge appeared to lift and that seemed to cause a domino effect as he hit Karger. All4back.

Clegg now up and back to the pits.

Etheridge and Karger now up and appear okay although Karger is holding his wrist.

Ambulance on track now for Lanham.

3 air fence panels are deflated.

Thankfully Lanham is conscious but in a lot of pain.

Medic still attending to Lanham but it's been announced that they don't think he has to go to hospital at the moment. Morley will replace him in the rerun once medic is back trackside.

Sam Masters being interviewed and thinks the ref got it wrong in heat 1 and it should have been a restart!

Rerun 2: Etheridge looked to have made the start but Morley from the outside round to lead off bend 2 lap 1.
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Heat 15
Heeps, Lykke, Masters, W├Âlbert,

Result: W├Âlbert, Masters, Lykke, Heeps (58) 1-5 (47-42)

W├Âlbert flew round from the favoured gate 4 and was gone. Masters in second place with a hard charging Lykke challenging him all the way to the line.

Best wishes to Leigh Lanham.
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