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Edinburgh Monarchs v Workington Comets (PL) 18/7/14

1. Craig Cook 3,2ยน,3,3,3 = 14+1
2. Justin Sedgmen 2ยน,3,0,2ยน = 7+2
3. Max Fricke 1,3,3,3,2ยน = 12+1
4. Steve Worrall 3,1,3 = 7
5. Sam Masters 2,1ยน,2ยน,1 = 6+2
6. Aaron Fox 1,3,3,1 = 8
7. Derek Sneddon (c) 3,1ยน,2,2ยน,1 = 9+2

WORKINGTON 'Thomas Armstrong' COMETS...29

1. Josh Grajczonek (c) FX,2,0,0 = 2
2. Kyle Howarth R/R (LC-Ret, SL-0, RB-1+1, SL-1 = 2+1)
3. Rene Bach 2,6,1ยน,1,2,1 = 13+1
4. Mason Campton 0,Ret,0,2 = 2
5. Ricky Wells 3,1,1,2,0 = 7
6. Liam Carr Ret,0,0,0,0 = 0
7. Simon Lambert 2,0,0,2,1,0 = 5

Gate Wins: A:3 B:3 C:4 D:5

Trackside Updater: Spare & Best Rib

Chatzone Updater: Dekk

Referee: Margaret Vardy

Start Time: 7.30pm

Weather: dry overcast windy



Monarch Of The Match: Foxy

Most Exciting Rider : Max
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Heat 01
Cook, Sedgmen, Grajczonek, CARR R/R

Result: Cook, Sedgmen - 2 Finishers only (57) 5-0 (5-0)

Monarchs in 1&3 Carr is R/R.

Cook down bend 1, All 4 back. Now Scrabbleman comes down bend 3 and isup and OK but excluded. Carr packs up on the line so its an easy run for the lads.
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Heat 02
Fox, Sneddon, Carr, Lambert

Result: Sneddon, Lambert, Fox, Carr (57.3) 4-2 (9-2)

Carr at the back looking slow, Aaron fought to get up to Lambert but couldn't get passed.
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Heat 03
Fricke, Worrall, Bach, Campton

Result: Worrall, Bach, Fricke, Campton (57) 4-2 (13-4)

Monarchs gated but the Comets caught max coming out of bend 2 but Max re-passed Campton bend 2 lap 3.
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Heat 04
Masters, Sneddon, Wells, Lambert

Result: Wells, Masters, Sneddon, Lambert (56.3) 3-3 (16-7)

Wells popped out and never pressured, large gap 1st to 2nd and 3rd to 4th - well spread out
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Heat 05
Fricke, Worrall, Grajczonek, LAMBERT R/R

Result: Fricke, Grajczonek, Worrall, Lambert (56.5) 4-2 (20-9)

For first 2 laps you could have thrown a blanket over all 4 until lambert started to fade.
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Heat 06
Cook, Sedgmen, Wells, Carr

Result: Sedgmen, Cook, Wells, Carr (56.3) 5-1 (25-10)

Cook gated but Wells came under him but Cookie back ahead of Wells soon after
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Heat 07
Masters, RES SNEDDON, Bach, Campton

Result: Bach, Sneddon, Masters, Campton (Ret) (57.3) 3-6 (28-16)

Bach a TR Deek for Aaron

No doubt about Bach, Campton fell bend 3 lap 2 remounted and retired soon after
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Heat 08
Sedgmen, FOX RES, BACH R/R, Lambert

Result: Fox, Lambert, Bach, Sedgmen (57.5) 3-3 (31-19)

Bach as R/R Aaron for Deek

Comets gated but Fox cut back turn 1 with Justin just failing to come through as well, Justin slipped to the back in one swoop but Fox held on for a good win.
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Heat 09
Fricke, SNEDDON , Wells, Carr

Result: Fricke, Sneddon, Wells, Carr (56.2) 5-1 (36-20)

Stevie missed 2mins Deek out in re-run.

Monarchs gated with Max long gone, Deek hung on for 4 laps to keep Wells at bay. Another lap and Wells would have got him.
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Heat 10
Cook, Sedgmen, Bach, Campton

Result: Cook, Sedgmen, Bach, Campton (56.4) 5-1 (41-21)

bach tried get between the Monarchs down the back straight but didn't no threat after that.
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Heat 11
Masters, Fox, Grajczonek, LAMBERT R/R

Result: Fox, Masters, Lambert, Grajczonek (57.6) 5-1 (46-22)

Scrabbleman is on a TS, Lambert is TS.

Scrabbleman got pushed wide by Sam all out of sortsand left him at the back
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Heat 12
Fricke, Sneddon, Bach, Carr

Result: Fricke, Bach, Sneddon, Carr (56.9) 4-2 (50-24)

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Heat 13
Cook, Masters, Grajczonek, Wells

Result: Cook, Wells, Masters, Grajczonek (56.2) 4-2 (54-26)

Cookie gone Wells did well to hold off Sam, Josh nowhere hurt maybe?
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Heat 14
Worrall, Fox, Campton, Lambert

Result: Worrall, Campton, Fox, Lambert (57.4) 4-2 (58-28)

Stevie found the throttle, FTG after that
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Heat 15
Fricke, Cook, Bach, Wells

Result: Cook, Fricke, Bach, Wells (57.3) 5-1 (63-29)

Monarchs on 2/4

Comets gate but by turn 3 the Monarchs were past, Cookie left Max who was untroubled for the record breaking Monarchs.
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